What Temperature is Too Cold for Optimal Wine Storage

Wine Storage

When you are an avid wine collector with a passion for collecting wine, you should be interested in the correct storage temperature for wine and its good aging process. However, sometimes there is a concern as to what temperature for wine storage would be regarded as too low as many wine collectors are scared of the implications that freezing temperatures would have on the outcome of the proper aging of wine; however, this all depends on how long you require the wine to be stored. Therefore, thoroughly researching the perfect storage temperature might save you losses in wine going beyond the freezing point. In addition, look out for the benefits offered by a wine fridge, such as the Miele wine fridge that regulates the temperature within the unit. In addition to the correct temperature provided by a unit like the Miele fridge, there are many other benefits, such as humidity control. Additionally, you are only interested in buying a wine fridge from a reliable manufacturer to ensure that the proper environment, such as the previously mentioned temperature and humidity, is provided and that the unit’s longevity is guaranteed.

The correct temperature

For many wine collectors, the prospect of losing any of the wine bottles they have pain-stalking collected seems like an unlikely event; however, if the proper temperature is not maintained, this might be a possibility. Therefore, it is highly suggested that the adequate wine temperature, such as in a good wine fridge, be set at the optimal gauge of 7-18 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is also important to realize that when the wine temperature goes below the recommended temperature level, it can cause the wine to freeze. In this unlikely event, it might lose the entire process of aging the wine appropriately. However, the best temperature level for red and white wines is believed to be 12 degrees Celcius. However, when going above 21 degrees Celsius, this might be too warm for a prolonged period of storage and might lead to the boiling of the wine in the bottles you are collecting, leaving the wine tasteless and lost in aromas.

Placing your fridge

When placing your wine fridge unit, it is also advised that you understand the implications of putting it in a space where there is prolonged exposure to sunlight; however, many properly built wine coolers are equipped with proper UV protective glass doors, it is still highly recommended to place it in an area where it is cool and darker, as many wine lovers would know by now, that the sun’s long UV rays are incredibly harmful as it can push up the heat inside the unit, or even damage the wine itself inside the wine bottles.

The humidity

Upon placing your wine fridge in the proper area and setting the appropriate level of wine bottle temperature of around 7-18 degrees Celsius, you should be amazed at the fact there are other environmental factors also playing a role within your specialized unit meant for the proper preservation and aging of the bottles of wine of your choice, whether it be red or white wine. Additionally, there is the humidity factor that operates when set at the optimal level of 70%, which in turn leads to the correct preservation of the corks of the bottles by withstanding the drying out process, which leads to moisture seepage into the wine itself, destroying the integrity and flavor. So, in conclusion, setting up your wine fridge,e which should regulate the temperature itself by now, should save you on preserving wine bottle collections and ensure that the proper aging process takes place.