What Is Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste (HHW), is any waste that could be hazardous to our health and safety, or that we use every day.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency considers HHW any household products that could catch fire, react, explode, or ignite under certain conditions. This includes paints, oils, and cleaners as well as batteries, electronics, and pesticides. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was enacted by the United States in 1976 to regulate the disposal of solid and hazardous waste. It provides technical and financial support for the development and operation of waste management programs and facilities that allow citizens and businesses to safely dispose of hazardous materials.

Disposing of HHW in the garbage, down the drains, or on the ground is illegal. This is because it can leach into groundwater and contribute to air pollution. To make matters worse, HHW can cause health problems for your local garbage collector and can also be harmful to pets and children. To avoid potential dangers, hazardous products should be disposed of with special care.

Environmental Implications for HHW

Although household hazardous waste is only 1% to 4% of municipal solid waste, it poses greater risks to the environment and individuals’ health. HHW can be mixed with regular household waste to increase its hazard principle. It can alter the composition of landfills and react directly with the acids.

Even something as simple as throwing a used battery in the trash can have serious environmental consequences. One 2018 study showed that 18% of all deaths from cardiovascular disease were due to high levels of lead in the blood. Another 2018 study also found that batteries made of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries contained higher than regulations.

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